Driving 40

by Stefan Edward

Driving 40 is a 5 song EP that tells the story and growth of Stephen Edward Zimmerman otherwise known as, Stefan Edward. 

The story starts with 'Moved on,' a song about denial; telling yourself you're over somebody when really, the pain has just begun. 'Fool' is the next song on the list. It tells tales of finding false hope in relationships with drugs and other people. The next song, 'Wasting Time' is about acknowledging the realization of these false relationships but not harping on them, allowing you to move forward with your life. 'Fable' is about criticism. Once we 'find ourselves,' we begin to act over-confident, causing us to be a little too hard on the people around us.  And last,  'At Night' is about doing your best to let go of the day's struggles and to just "take a hit little darling." 


Written and Performed by: Stephen Edward Zimmerman

Recorded, Mix/Mastered by: Stephen Edward Zimmerman

Special thanks to Tim Schmalz, Andrew 'Pops' Robinson and Mike Winters for guidance along the way. Thank you Laura Higgins for the artwork.

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